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Key of price of adjusting control flesh is enhancing a farmer to fight risk powe
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Pork rises in price cause each attention, premier Wen Jiabao headed for Shaanxi investigation and study a few days ago, national hair changes appoint Cao Changqing of price department director leads national hair to change appoint, the inspection team of the composition such as the Ministry of finance, check to Guangzhou " 51 " fleshy birds egg suckles etc of the pork after the section equal in value case rises, the market is supplied, circumstance of production, reserve. Visible, the food price that causes from pork this round rise wave, already caused the high attention of administration, relevant measure also can come on stage in succession.
Pork and food price issue important, above all because of with respect to our country national condition character, food and pork price are right relationship of bag of the people's food basket, money is close, affect the life quality of a lot of people directly.
Next, around pork price rise, may cause right new the concern of round of inflation. Cosmopolitan monetary liquidity enlarge brings about asset to rise in price, will affect next consumable price, arrive again from empty body economy objective economy, it is globalization setting falls new the method of round of inflation, the food price of the international market is coming toward 30 years amplitude of the largest year is approached. Pork is reflected as extreme consumable rise trend, explain inflationary cycle has been finished, immediate effect at the market.
The government should be in short-term inside control pork price is not bad, I am state-owned " market of countrywide necessaries of life supplies lash-up budget " and " flesh of the reserve central runs way " , the government has right capable also at any time " the interpose that enter town " , stabilize market price case.
From short-term for, release reserve flesh of the government in great quantities, the price that employs a government to be used at stabilizing market price case moves section fund, can receive the effect of get effect instantly, accordingly, rise in price to pork need not too alarmed.
But we should with a view to is long-term, want to protect the interest of the farmer, must enhance the ability of market risk resistance of produce. From worldwide look, the market price ability of the price of produce and farmer is in weak force, the stability of even if developed country to maintain agriculture, also must use produce price to protect a mechanism, to our country character, the farmer is in industrial catenary low end, information is out-of-the-way, all sorts of prices such as former to upper reaches feed, chemical fertilizer are extremely sensitive, need to establish protective mechanism especially so. Lest appears " raise hog farmer lose money in business before two years to sell, be fooled this year and go up, price of next year flesh drops again " fluctuant cycle, make the stable living standard of the farmer gets ensuring hard.
With simple administrative method, or real market measure hard the interest of cogent protection farmer. Generally speaking, governmental monopoly is current after the domain, malpractice and its advantage are euqally clear. And be helpful for discovering the value admittedly with the method such as futures, but the farmer of on continuance of American agriculture option market hundred years and futures trade a foul wind and a rain of blood of business, the specification does not have the original option market of safeguard to the farmer, made the wrestle field that gobbles up farmer interest, number of the farmer after changing campaign till the city decreases quickly, begin allowance to produce, option market finance derives breed 3 minutes the world has secondly when, the situation just takes a favourable turn somewhat.
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